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HammerSnipe is a reliable, secure, online service that will place eBay bids for you . . . at the last possible moment. HammerSnipe is FREE!

  • Set your bid early and let HammerSnipe place it for you at the last second.
  • Snipe while you're away from your computer.
  • Snipe while you're not online.
  • Snipe when your computer is off.
  • Win more auctions.
  • Get better deals.
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    What is sniping? It is bidding in an online auction at the last moment before the auction ends.

    Why snipe? It prevents others from knowing your interest and reacting to your bid. Quite simply, it helps you win.

    Why use HammerSnipe? Because you're too busy to sit around with a stopwatch waiting for auctions to end. When you see an item you want, enter it into HammerSnipe and set your bid. Then relax.

    More Power To You.

    HammerSnipe can be used from any web browser. But for the ultimate sniping experience, download HammerSnipe PowerTool, our specialized eBay browser that makes using HammerSnipe even easier.

    HammerSnipe PowerTool works on all Windows operating systems and allows you to surf eBay and set up snipe bids with a single click. It will even save your favorite eBay searches, and let you view the items of your favorite sellers with a single click.

    Best of all, it's free!

    When you sign up for HammerSnipe, your bids will be placed by servers operated by, a team of experienced specialists who have developed innovative automated bidding technologies used by no other company. AuctionStealer has an excellent reputation and its sniping technology results in one of the highest bidding success rates in the industry. They also have a rock-solid privacy policy. Bottom line: they're good.

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